Cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten. Here’s what happened.

Starting Out:

I am never one to want fast food, I never order french fries and I don’t crave fried food. I just never want it. However, my sugar intake has always been much harder to control.  I would eat something sweet almost every day and even though it wasn’t binge eating it was more of a reaching for a cookie randomly during the day and not thinking much about it.

I noticed whenever I eat more sweets I would be slower at the gym the following day and I would feel sluggish if I did eat a lot of sweets at one time. I was bloated and my face would break out and I did not feel good at all.

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to up my energy levels, have less stress and feel much about myself. That’s when I decided to try cutting out all added sugar (processed foods, sweets, artificial sweeteners, etc), dairy and gluten. Everyone knows that starting a new habit is always hard the first week and gets easier as time goes on. Around the third day I felt like I was going insane and if someone covered their hand in chocolate I could probably lick it off. I questioned why I am doing this to myself but remembered why I started in the first place, I wanted to better myself. I found myself constantly thinking about sweets and I would look at pictures on Pinterest of desserts even if I couldn’t have them. I used to eat cheese and yogurt a lot and bread and none of that bothered me it was just the sweets.

I decided that if I only do this for a month I am going to go wild with sweets once this is over, so I modified it. I cannot eat sugar, dairy or gluten 6 days a week but on Friday OR Saturday I am allowed to eat normal, just not go crazy. I decided to continue this forever as part of my lifestyle as it is not hard to do and I feel really good and not guilty about the one day a week that I can indulge and treat myself with friends and family.

How I feel now:

I feel amazing now. My energy levels are much higher than before, I am sleeping better, I am not craving sweets anymore like I used to and sometimes when that one day a week comes around I don’t feel like a cookie or ice cream and won’t eat it. I haven’t had regular milk and will reach for soy or almond.

I don’t even want added sugar anymore! The best thing ever is that my sugar craving went away and I do not want it, when I have a coffee I think sugar does not taste good in it now. I will get plain black coffee with soy milk and I won’t order drinks with sugar in them. My stomach is not bloated like it was and I feel much better about myself. My skin is clearer than ever, really it will clear your skin, and I feel so much healthier overall. I will continue doing this for life. It is not hard once you are used to it.

You can do it to:

Remember the saying that it takes 21 days to break a habit? Go hard and remember why you started. If you want clearer skin, less bloat and to have more energy why not change your lifestyle and focus on your health. Think about cutting out all the bad food and added sugar that your body doesn’t want anyways and it will thank you.

It will be challenging at first, you could keep a calendar or post it note or motivational quotes written down on your desk or phone. Tell your friends or family or partner what you are doing and why. Encourage them to do it with you! Do some research and educate yourself. Believe me when I say that it will feel amazing and you WILL shed a few pounds of the unnecessary bloat that you have been holding on to. Set your cheat day for the weekend. Go strong during the week and look forward to Friday/Saturday where you can have what you have been wanting. Remember you can splurge and have some dark chocolate or sugar-free ice cream.  It only gets easier and in no time you won’t be reaching for that cookie in the pantry anymore.

Remember I was only doing this for a month but it changed my whole mindset about sweets and it can change yours too.


1 thought on “Cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten. Here’s what happened.”

  1. I did this as well! My health provider recommended I try the candida diet. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done lol. But it was so worth it. I healed my body naturally and also proved to myself I could be strong mentally.

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