I did a 100 Burpees for 2 weeks challenge

I love challenging myself and when I hear about something new, fitness related, I have to try it.

I do not like burpees at all. I am one to always skip the burpees and do something else instead. However, I want to be stronger and decided that I can do 100 burpees a day for two weeks and time myself to see how long I can do them and to see how I would feel.

If you did not know burpees can be great for cardio. I would do cardio such as running or the elliptical then go into a racquet ball court (or anywhere where you won’t be distracted) and I set my timer. I decided to do burpees in sets of 10 and would rest in between 10. One day I did 10 burpees, ran a lap, did 10 burpees, ran a lap and did this off and on until I got to 100. You will feel so good and like you’re dying at the same time but when you’re done you’ll have the burpees completed and cardio! It took me about 45 minutes.

The first day I did 100 burpees in 15 minutes. I was so sore the second day but did them in 13 minutes. I wanted to get under 10 and knew I had to speed up. I would think of them in sets of 20. 20-40-60-80-100. That would make things speed up. I would get so pumped up about completing them and I told people about them to keep myself going.

By day 4 I was doing them in 9 minutes and as time went on I kept going down in time. I’ll admit, I had some days I didn’t want to do them but I knew I had to. I would do them even on rest days. I didn’t go to the gym one day because I had a rest day but that night I did my burpees before I showered. You will pour sweat, it’s high intensity but you feel so amazing afterwards.

One day I was working on projects and had meetings so I didn’t get to do them until 11 o’clock at night- what a workout that was. I also did them one day after I did cardio and had leg day in the weight room. It was funny because I was in pain from the weights and was so tired and I was basically crawling up by the time I got to 100 burpees.

I learned that this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I would do them alone, with my sister who is also doing this and my boyfriend even jumped in and did them with me. Try them with anyone, turn on music and get pumped up. They are actually really fun! Challenging yourself is always fun and you will feel so accomplished.

Although 2 weeks are over I’m still doing these. Even though it’s not every day I’m doing it several times a week. I feel like because of these my legs have been more toned, my arms and back are toned and it works your core. It’s a total body workout. I can now say that I don’t hate burpees and I don’t mind doing them. If you try this you may change your mind about them.


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