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Europe and 9 days (Switzerland)

Hello all!

I have been away and enjoying my time on a trip. My wifi did not work well in Europe so it was hard to get on and post things. I went to Europe for 9 days and want to share some pictures and adventures. This post will be about Switzerland and I will do another one about Italy soon.

On May 7th I left America and got on a plane to go to Switzerland. I stopped in London where I have always wanted to go but was on a timed schedule and couldn’t make it out of the airport to see anything. I was bummed about that but the airport was really cool and I know I’ll go to London one day as I have always wanted to visit.

I jumped on a second plane in London and flew into Geneva, Switzerland. The total time it took to get to Switzerland from American was about 13 hours. I have never been on a plane before and was a little nervous and felt a little sick due to turbulence. I could not sleep at all on the plane and when I arrived in Switzerland it was 6 hours ahead of America so I lost a full night of sleep, that is always fun, ha.

I first went to Geneva lake and automatically thought Europe was beautiful. I had free time to walk around for about two hours so I visited a tiny cottage cafe near the lake and a chocolate shop, however I didn’t buy any chocolate….yet.

Chocolate in Geneva


Lake Geneva

Next I walked around Geneva and admired all the buildings. I noticed some are the Gothic type architecture, which I love. Then I went to dinner because I haven’t had anything to eat since the plane when I was in American time and was starving. I was staying in a hotel in Lausanne which is about an hour from Geneva. I decided to walk to Pinte Beeson, a restaurant that is known for cheese fondue. I had chicken, vegetables, potatoes and fruit.  image4.JPG

I came on this trip thinking I could eat healthy but really all I could find was bread, pastries, croissants and meat and cheese so I was like well might as well enjoy these next 8 days 😉

I have a lot of pictures of the roads and shops around Switzerland but this post would be so long if I posted them all so I’m just going to highlight my days.

The breakfast in the hotels was insanely good. I have never drunk so much coffee in my life, I think it is a European thing? I ate so many nutella stuffed croissants. In American we are used to eggs, bacon, sausage, etc for breakfast but in Europe I came across meats, cheese and bread. It was cool to see the difference. The peanut butter was so good, I think better than American peanut butter. I have the name of it but could not find it in any shop that I went into. I also ate something called muesli. Oh. my. It is amazing. It is kind of like dry oatmeal and you would add water or milk to it. The oats soak it up and you can eat it cold and you don’t have to cook it! I would add seeds and a teaspoon of peanut butter. I ate very good to say the least.


I went to the red cross in Geneva where I got to hear a presentation and visit the Aids museum that is in it. The building is very pretty and the museum was so cool to go through and see everything. There is a cafeteria in the building where I had this amazing spinach quiche.

The Red Cross

I also went to see the Swiss Alps. I am used to being in 70-80 degree weather and went to Switzerland where it was 55ish, which was a big difference to me, haha. The Alps were beautiful. This was my favorite day of the trip, I went to shops and stayed around the mountains for about 2 hours. I loved it and would go back!






Swiss Alps

I would love to go back to Switzerland, I feel like I was rushed because I did not have much time but the chocolate was fantastic. I want to go back just to get that. The streets are very clean and all the hotels I stayed in were really about recycling and being clean.  I also tried my first gelato here and after trying gelato I never want to go back to regular ice cream. I’ll share pictures of gelato in Italy on another post. I wish I could share everything I did day by day and all the shops and restaurants I went into. Switzerland is truly a beautiful place to go.



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