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Part 2: Europe and 9 days (Italy)

Hello all! Hope you had a great Memorial Day and ate some delicious food and relaxed with family and friends.

I know I shared some pictures from my Europe trip when I went to Switzerland. I also want to share some from Italy. I loved both places the same, though they were different I thought it was nice to see the different cultures and languages. I have hundreds of pictures and stories that I would love to share but going to keep it limited to some of my favorites 🙂

I could go on and on about the food in Italy. Let me first talk about my love for Gelato. The best Gelato I had was in Venice, Italy. Venice is very packed as you can see from the picture below. It is a tourist spot and it is a maze. No joke, it took me an hour to find the bus stop. I kept making turns and ending up in dead ends. Kind of scary but the buildings are all so pretty. I was told if you make mental notes of where you are by looking at cathedrals you can find your way around. There is this gelato shop deep in the middle of Venice, I’m not sure of the name but I know it is 5 dollars and worth it. The gelato I got was a chocolate cone with sprinkles and a dark chocolate flavor on the bottom with a salted caramel flavor on the top. I only had two licks and was trying to get a chocolate chunk and dropped my cone 😦 I bought another one because it was so good but I wasted 5 dollars.

IMG_0051 Venice, Italy


KFTE4585.jpg Gelato

I took a Gondola ride in Venice which can cost about 80 euros for a ride. I rode with 5 other people and we split the 80 so it wasn’t as bad as riding alone. It was about a 30 minute stroll around Venice. We went under the bridges and got to see pretty buildings, restaurants and talk with the Gondola workers about the history. Though it is expensive it is definitely a must if you go to Venice. We got tons of pretty pictures of Venice while on the water. As you can see fashion wasn’t my concern that day because I had blisters from other shoes on my feet so I just wore my tennis shoes to walk in. IMG_0059.JPG

While in Italy I went to the cheese factory in Parma, Italy to see how Parmesan cheese is made. It was cool to see and way different from what I expected. I actually did not like the cheese. I am probably used to processed american cheese.

While there all I ate was bread, pasta, pizza and gelato. I am an exercise junkie and always eat healthy 98% of the time. This killed me eating so bad, every restaurant I went to I could not find vegetables. It got to the point where I was like this could be a once in a lifetime trip might as well enjoy it. I had tons of nutella stuffed things also such as muffins, croissants and my favorite from the whole trip was this nutella stuffed donut. I was in love when I saw this, haha.

The best nutella donut 

The day before I left I went wine tasting in Domaso, Italy. I took a ferry through Lake Como (where I learned George Clooney actually has a mansion on the lake supposedly). Domaso is a very rich part of Italy. It was very pretty and the houses were gorgeous. We went to a wine cellar where they served us food and turns out George Clooney picked out this wine for his wedding there and Flava Flave shot a music video there. At the end of the Wine tasting they brought out a drink called Grappa. So Grappa is made fresh from the seed of the grapes. The alcohol content is 60% alcohol which is very high if you did not know. Higher than Vodka, etc. I am 21 and legally allowed to drink in America. However, I did not drink much wine and did not drink the Grappa. I did not want to get drunk or feel anything, it is a wine tasting after all the point is to taste not drink hard. I had a 4 am wake up call the next morning as well. I took a picture to show the Grappa.

Wine tasting in Domaso, Italy

I had a cooking class while there as well and made some amazing pasta, gnocchi covered in pesto sauce and tiramisu. Hands down the best pasta I have ever had before. The class was 3 hours long then I got to eat what I prepared. My feet were KILLING me. I give them props, a lot of work goes into making pasta but that hard work pays off. Since I have been home I have made lasagna from the recipes I got there and its amazing. Homemade is way better than canned.

IMG_0038 (2).JPG
After the cooking class with food I made

I also made a stop in Milan where I of course went shopping. I only had 2 hours but I visited the Duomo di Milano Cathedral and strolled around some shops. There was a red carpet premiere for a tv show or movie called 1993 I think it is big in Italy? There were tons of people taking videos and news reporters and people being interviewed on the red carpet. I didn’t know them but I stopped and watched for a little bit. While at the Duomo cathedral there are people who try to get money and target tourist. This guy got mad because I wouldn’t give him money for corn and he threw it at me. They were very rude and I was angry about that. So always watch your surroundings and people targeting tourist, trust me I know I stand out.IMG_9824.JPG

I also got to hold pigeons and feed them from my hand there. Milan is a must place to visit if you are going to Italy. IMG_9858.PNG

A lot of shops close early in Europe so I only got to browse in a few but I did buy 2 pair of shorts from Zara. I have never been in a Zara and have always wanted to go so this was really cool for me. It was huge! Some other stores on the strip in Milan was Prada, Louis Vuitton and other name brand stores. They were closed when I got to them.

While leaving Italy we flew over mountains that were insanely beautiful. They were covered in snow. Though I had a lot of fun in Europe I was ready to get home and get back to my clean eating, exercise and sleep that I lost because of the time difference. This trip was such an amazing experience that I am glad I got to be a part of. I would love to go back to Europe and travel through it on my own or with friends some day. I know I will be back soon. I tried to share a lot of my best memories without making a super long post. Hopefully this will make you want to go too.

Domaso, Italy



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