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Boyfriend Birthday Ideas

Hey 💕 so this past Monday was my boyfriend’s (Logan) 21st birthday. I was able to spend a few days with him so we did something different every day. If you are short on ideas and want to get creative here’s a cute idea that I did for his gifts.

I forgot to take a picture of them before he opened!! I used the 5 senses; touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. Here is what I got him for each gift:

Sound-a waterproof shower speaker
Sight- Nike running tennis shoes
Touch– Nike logo t-shirt
Taste- 2 huge cinnamon buns from a bakery
Smell– men’s body wash

This was after he opened but I wrapped all the gifts in black paper and typed out the senses then added glitter around it. Logan loved it!

Also on Monday we went to Red Lobster with his parents, I haven’t been there in years and it was delicious. Of course we got Logan to order a mixed drink (since he is 21).


On Tuesday, I wanted to take Logan out for dinner alone as another birthday treat. I wanted to take him somewhere he has never been before which was The Melting Pot. If you have never been there it is a must for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. It is a little pricy but worth it! We ordered a 4-course meal so we got cheese fondue (comes with vegetables, apples and tons of bread), salads, an entrée (we got pork, chicken and steak) and I ordered double chocolate fondue dessert, just for him. Haha.

I forgot to take a picture of the chocolate before we ate it all, I ordered a s’mores chocolate fondue and a turtle chocolate. Some things that we had to dip in was pound cake, a lot of fruit, brownies, rice krispys, marsh mellows, graham crackers, cheesecake and more.

Today is Wednesday, we decided to go out shopping and we got Starbucks. Logan has enjoyed his 21st birthday.

If you are looking for ideas to do something with your special someone or friend or family the senses gifts are cute, simple and meaningful.


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